4 Hour Call Package + 1 Month E-mail Support

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4 Hour Call Package + 1 Month E-mail Support

You can get some value from a single coaching session but the real benefit is experienced through an on-going relationship aimed at achieving your goals, from manifesting your permanent Union with your specific person as well as every other desired aspect of your life. Learn how to manifest your Union as well as endless abundance in any other area.

In this package, you will receive 4 One Hour Coaching Calls (or 8 half hour calls) and 1 Month of E-mail support with Liz.

With the E-mail Support add-on, you will be able to chat back and forth with Liz Monday-Friday through either e-mail or Instagram Direct Message using the voice feature (recommended). 

Calls will be done via Zoom or Facebook Messenger.
This package can be applied to manifesting Union with your Twin Flame/Soul Mate/Specific Person, manifesting abundance, or simply manifesting aspects of your daily life.

You will learn how to heal the illusion of lack and align yourself with your desired end result in any aspect you wish.

Please E-mail Liz at readingsbyliz@yahoo.com upon completion of purchase!