When He Wakes Up; The Male Perspective

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When He Wakes Up; The Male Perspective

One of the aspects of the connection that I am asked about most is the male perspective of the entire journey. My Twin and I achieved physical Union and there is an entire, and very intricate part of the process that is not touched upon very often. I have received hundreds of messages from Twins all over the world asking me about various aspects that the male/masculine experiences throughout the journey because they want a better understanding of the other side of the process. My Twin and I have sat down and spent many hours delving through HIS side of the journey and have put together a Guide/eBook that covers everything from the initial encounter all the way through to full Union. We covered:

-His Awakening

-Seeing Repeating Number Patterns

-Witnessing Synchronicities

-What He Was Thinking During Silent Times

-How He Felt During Physical Separation

-How Me Coming into Alignment Caused Him to Align With Union

-When and How He Discovered We Were Twins

-Navigating His Marriage Outside of the Union


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